Sunday, April 17, 2005

Miter Scarf Pattern

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Miter Scarf

The sample in the photo is 3 ¾” across. If you want to adjust the width, figure your gauge and determine the desired width, double the number of stitches to know how many to cast on.

Cast on 42 stitches, on size 4 needles, this is double the width of the finished square.

Row 1: Knit 20, make a double decrease by slipping the next two stitches, knit one, pass the two slipped stitches over the knit stitch, knit 20.

Row 2: Knit across

Row 3: (and every odd row) Knit 19, 18, 17, 16 etc. Make double decrease, knit across.

Continue until you have only one stitch left, then pick up stitches across the top of the square, making sure you pick up the same number of stitches (21).
Cast on 21 stitches using the half hitch cast on. Start knitting with row 1 again.

This is a simple design but the yarn changes color and makes mitered stripes, without changing yarn, and you don’t have all those annoying ends to weave in later.


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