Sunday, April 17, 2005

Suzanne's Felted Pots, Show and Tell

Suzanne's Felted Pots Image hosted by

Suzanne sent this photo and information on how to make them. I am impressed, very nice Suzanne!
She wrote: There were more, but a friend of mine
took them to a fair and sold them! These were favorites that I intend to keep.

I spin the roving very lightly, then knit the pots from the bottom up. Then
I wet felt them by hand. On the green ones, I very lightly needlefelted some
embellishment around them before wet felting them, just enough to tack down
the wool.

People kept asking me what they are for, what can you put in them? I don't
think you have to have them be functional, they are just aesthetically
pleasing to me empty. But one day, I figured I'd put something non-functional in one
of the pots, so I made some strips (just knitted a rectangle, felted it and
cut it into strips) and I-cord and felted them and stuck them into one of the
pots! This sits on my fireplace mantle usually.

I love that yarn the woman in Alaska made and look forward to seeing more
people's projects from your lovely roving.

Thanks for your interest in what I'm doing!
Best regards,



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