Wednesday, January 25, 2006

From Roving to Snuggly Warm Socks!

From this:
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to this:
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Kim spun this roving
Kim wrote:
This is a two ply yarn that is 18 wpi. I knit the socks on size 3 needles toe up, two at a time on one circ.

I love the way the colors just floated into each other. It really reminded me of the Noro yarns.

I am working on the Master's Spinners course offered through Old's College. It's a very intense and comprehensive program that involves a TON of work. I have learned so much about spinning and making my spinning better. It's been great.


I have been wanting some new socks from dudleyspinner roving and after seeing these I really want some socks! Great work Kim! Kim is working hard on her spinning and it is paying off in spades.

My next entry on the dudleyspinner blog may have to be on how to darn holes in the heel of a sock! All my socks are wearing out at the same time.


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