Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dudleyspinner Tie Dye Rovings Heaven is a Place on Earth

Spending a few days in beautiful Boston.  This has been a tornado of activity at a pace that this country mouse never travels.  Meeting many people is a great way to get the dust knocked off my normal day to day life. Discussions about the places we have been that day spark some interesting conversations. Yesterday in Salem sparked some deep thinking.  The Salem witch trials from my perspective was religion at its darkest hour. A personal vendetta against somee could be easily be carried out in the court/church. Being put in the stocks for being late for church, or falling asleep in church. Seriously? I am quite sur I would have been one of those women hung for Witchcraft. I am just too much of a free spirit to accept authority and control that the church had over these people. I would have been a dead Puritan.

So, I am thinking about what are my beliefs?  My philosophy is going to the insight that Heaven is a place on earth.  When I die I think that my idea of heaven is getting to relive all the best times in my life.  Those days spengt with the people I love minus all the negative parts,  That would be a